Dr Choi has been our concierge doctor for the past nine years. He is always there when we need him. Recently had kidney stone issues, he met us at the hospital, got in touch with the surgeon, set everything up and it was taken care within hours. I can’t thank him enough for all he does for our family, The Dugan’s

– Scott and Kathy D.

Dr. Choi and his staff are fantastic. We recently joined his practice and have been blown away by the compassion and care he provides to his patients. He spends an extended amount of time with his patients at each visit and goes above and beyond to devise a plan that best suits their health needs. I am a native of Las Vegas, and have been to multiple doctors throughout the years. Dr. Choi is hands down the BEST physician that has cared for my husband and myself.

– Tami D.

Without question, Dr. Choi is the best physician that I have ever had. A kind and compassionate man, he takes the time to get to know his patients, and this enables him to give them an expert care clearly based on his knowledge of how the body is supposed to work and of which medications work the most effectively for his patients. When I was hospitalized this last December, he went the extra mile for me. I recommend him with no reservation whatsoever.

– Richard L.

Dr. Choi and staff treat each patient with professional, expert, individualized care. Dr. Choi provides the most comprehensive wellness care available today, all at incredible convenience. To receive this level of expert care, in this day and age, is simply amazing. Easy to talk to, with a kind and helpful staff, I cannot recommend Dr. Christopher Choi highly enough.

– Joe S.

I’ve been with Dr. Choi and Concierge Wellness Center since 2017. There’s no better Internist in the City of Las Vegas – he’s got the awards in his office to prove it! Dr. Choi spends quality time with you at every step of the way, you aren’t just a number or chart to him. He genuinely cares for the wellness of his patients. Appointments are not rushed and you get to speak with Dr. Choi and he listens – that’s the one this you just don’t get with other doctors. Dr. Choi listens to what you have to say – try to get any doctor in Vegas to listen to what you have to say – IMPOSSIBLE! Dr. Choi takes what you have to say seriously and addresses the issues you bring to him. He’s available 24/7 and in emergencies to help plan your care should you ever end up in the hospital or need assistance on the weekend. You’ll get his private phone number that you can call directly after hours or in emergency situations and he can evaluate your needs through TeleHealth and work with you to get the care you need with no waiting time at all! He works with other physicians on your care to take care of you as well. You also have a genuinely and personal relationship with Dr. Choi, that’s the one thing you are going to notice – the patient – physician relationship is amazing! You can talk to or tell Dr. Choi about anything you are experiencing and he comes up with a treatment plan that’s catered just for you. The office staff is amazing as well. Laura and the rest of the staff are amazing as well! You can always count on Laura for so many things! Also, she’s AMAZING at phlebotomy! Typically if I go to Quest, I get stuck at least 7 or 8 times before they can draw a couple vials of blood. However, Laura ALWAYS gets me on ONE try! I’m already prone to panic attacks (I live with them on a daily basis and blood draws trigger them when I know it’s time for giving blood) but with Laura, I know the process is going to be smooth, quick, and 100% pain free! Everyone here is knowledgeable in their field and makes you feel like your being welcomed home when you walk in for your appointment. Everyone knows you by name and there’s never any guessing at who you are. This is the main reason I come to Dr. Choi and his staff. Not only do they know you and everything about you, they are always nice and happy to see you!

I can’t recommend Dr. Choi enough alongside all of the staff that work at Concierge Wellness Center! If you get the chance, you MUST become a patient of Dr. Choi! The BEST doctor in Las Vegas by my standards!

Don’t mess with the rest when you can go to the best!

– Jason G.

I have melasma on both my cheeks and sun spots that have been bugging me for years. I finally decided to see a dermatologist ( Las Vegas skin and cancer clinic), I met Eberhard Maendel, PA twice and he prescribed a special facial cream. After using it a few months, I realized there was no change in appearance. Chemical peel or Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy were other options. After I did my own research, I found out that the pico laser is newest method to treat hyper-pigmentation. I went to see Dr. Choi for Pico Laser consultation. He was very attentive about my skin needs and spent almost one hour listening all my concerns. After my second pico laser treatment, along with collagenizer, Hydroquinone 4% cream twice a day, and tretinoin cream 0.025% daily at night, and wearing sun screen religiously, I finally can see the result that I wanted. Dr Choi’s staff named Christine is very courteous and super pleasant. I highly recommend Dr Choi

– Eunsook S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Choi for 20 years… and lived through his transition to Concierge Medicine more than 10 years ago. I am relocating to Texas and will miss Dr. Choi and his capable and friendly staff. The hallmarks of my lengthy experience with Dr. Choi are: 1. Dr. Choi listens. He listens carefully and questions me until he has a very good grasp of what I am trying to tell him. I find that a very important aspect of the relationship. 2. Wholistic Approach. I find Dr. Choi always integrates lifestyles in his assessments and corrective actions. Again, I find this to be an important feature of his care M.O. 3. Dr. Choi’s Willing Openness to Alternative healing Modalities. For decades I have been a consumer of alternative modalities of treatment including what homeopathic medicine offers as well as what oriental medicine has to offer. I found Dr. Choi’s view on these approaches was welcoming and integrated what I told him about my interest and use of those modalities with his allopathic medicine. 4. True 24-hour Access. Over the years I had four occasions to consult Dr. Choi while I was traveling. In each case he picked up the phone immediately, even deep into the night, and provided immediate and timely advice. Very excellent feature of his practice. All in all I found Dr. Choi to always be pleasant, professional, kind, caring, and truly interested in the welfare of his patients. I recommend Dr. Choi and his practice without reservation.

– Stan K.

Dr. Choi is very down to earth and friendly. I have had three Pico sessions with Christine and see significant results. I just purchased another package so will get monthly treatments! I’m also going to come back for tattoo removal! I highly recommend Dr. Choi!

– Wendy L.

I started going to Concierge Wellness & Aesthetics for microneedling and I’m so impressed by the level of care and attention that Dr. Choi and Christine pay to me! They’re working on removing deep chickenpox scars that have plagued me my whole life. I definitely recommend working the amazing folks here!

– Sadiya A.

He’s been a great asset for keeping everything with our bodies working correctly. Very conscientious and thorough. He’s always right there when we need him.

– Scott D.

My husband’s doctor. If you ask other doctors in Vegas who they would choose for a primary- dr. Choi’s name always comes up. He is concierge and has a waitlist.

– CJ M.

This is my second experience with a concierge physician. My first doctor was a brilliant doctor however the staff and service was ridiculously bad. I learned that since we as patients spend a lot of time with a doctors staff it is critical to have great staff. Dr. Choi has a terrific group who are super competent and friendly and make you feel like your visiting a friends house for social visit. They have been with him a long time and really appear to enjoy their jobs. Doctor Choi is brilliant and takes sooooo much time with you to listen and discuss all your needs. This is absolutely the best medical care I have ever had and the best investment you can make towards your health.

– Les Q.

For the first time recently I went to Dr. Choi with some serious health issues. I had a lot of questions and no answers, and was very concerned.

Without going into my personal medical details I can tell you that his time, attention and expertise made a significant difference in my health in a very short amount of time. I know people who went years trying to solve problems like I had. Well I didn’t have years, I’m a busy person!

Dr. Choi, as I said was thorough and most important, effective! I am also impressed with his knowledge of advancements in anti-aging.

I couldn’t be happier to be a patient of Dr. Choi’s. He is truly a top professional in his field and his care will result in better health and quality of life for me.

(I should note Dr. Choi is a concierge physician.)

– Anna W.