What To Expect At Your Visit

First Appointment: Meet and Greet

Step One: Bring the following with you:

  1. ID
  2. Medical Insurance Cards
  3. Medication List
  4. Make time for 30 minutes, including driving time
  5. List of questions regarding the concierge service

Step Two: Meet the doctor!

  1. During the meet and greet, the patient and the doctor can introduce themselves to each other and better understand how the concierge service can benefit the patient over the traditional primary practice.

Step Three: Sign Up!

  1. Once the meet and greet ends, the patient decides if concierge medicine is for them. If so, they can sign up the same day, get set up for their New Patient Visit, and fill out their new patient paperwork!
  2. If they want to sleep on it, they can call us anytime to schedule their new patient visit and sign up when they come in.

Second Appointment: New Patient Visit

  1. During this visit, the patient and the doctor dive more in-depth into the patient’s health.

We recommend bringing the following:

  1. Any medical records the patient has with them
  2. A list of medical questions they would like to consult the doctor about
  3. Make time for 1 hour, including driving time
  4. Medication List (if it changed between meet and greet to the new patient)

Third Appointment: Annual Physical: Based on the doctor’s recommendations, the next step is typically an annual physical.

The annual physical is split into two different appointments that we call:

Pre-physical and Complete Physical Exam

What to expect at a Pre-Physical: We typically schedule these in the morning depending on individual’s schedule

  1. Fasting Blood Draw
    1. 10 hours of fasting: no food or colored beverages (coffee, juice, soda, tea, etc.) for 10 hours.
    2. Highly recommend drinking plenty of water
    3. Coffee, juice, water, and/or snacks are provided at the clinic after the blood draw
  2. EKG
    1. Wear comfortable clothing
    2. For anyone who usually wears a bra, we provide a cover as we will need the bra removed to access the chest for lead placement
    3. Do not apply any lotions, creams, or oils morning of the appointment
    4. Chest hair must be shaved prior to the appointment
  3. Ankle Brachial Index (Ankle Doppler Ultrasound): to monitor blood flow in both legs
    1. Wear comfortable clothing (shorts, leggings, sweats, t-shirt, and flip flops/sandals/slip on shoes)
  4. Full Body Composition Scan: For accurate results, patients are asked to remove clothing except under garments. The recommended undergarments are:
    1. For women: sports bra and underwear/biker shorts/leggings.
    2. For men: briefs/boxer briefs
  5. Questionnaire
    1. Know the following:
      1. Last Colonoscopy
      2. Last Eye Exam
  • Last Pap Smear
    1. Last Mammogram
    2. Most recent immunizations

Complete Physical Exam: The doctor will do a full body exam, go over all of the tests/results, and set up a plan for the upcoming year.

  1. Wear comfortable clothing
  2. Prepare any questions for the doctor

Next Appointment: Follow up blood work (depending on results), as needed sick visits, standard medication follow ups, etc.

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