Wellness Center Patients

24/7 access to Dr. Choi. He is available in the office during business hours and via cell phone after hours. He is also reachable through text and email

  1. Individualized care in an exclusive small-volume practice
  2. Appointments with generous time allotted to address multiple medical issues
  3. IntervalMed Pharmacy-mapping service
  4. Appointments that typically start on time
  5. Same-day and next-day appointments
  6. Comprehensive Annual Executive Physical Exams
  7. Coordination of care with specialists
  8. No phone trees: an office staff member will answer the phone during business hours
  9. Phlebotomy (blood draw service by a phlebotomist) in the office
  10. Prompt assistance for medication refills, referrals, etc.
  11. Appointments for out-of-town guests and family members